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Thoughts on Learn To Mod (and thank you)

Hello, I just want to say thank you for a fantastic and innovative method of teaching kids to code.  I saw Stephen on TEDtalks and right away I could see not only the logic of this program for kids, but the fresh approach in using Minecraft as a vehicle for teaching.  My grandson is 10 and has been running a Minecraft realm for about 6 months and while this has been a good experience in learning to be the admin and settle disputes amongst friends, his main desire is to learn to mod.  I am in my mid 50's and my former career has run its course and is becoming rapidly obsolete due to advances in voice recognition software so I am transitioning into programming myself.  Although I don't play Minecraft, my grandson and I are on the same trajectory with javascript so I can help him as he learns Blockly and I benefit from seeing how his intuitive knowledge propels him forward when he hits roadblocks.  Great job to all at ThoughtSTEM.

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