Anyone who buys the "Minecraft Modding For Kids For Dummiesbook will receive unlimited access to LearnToMod, which is a browser-based software. You also receive 2 to 3 months access to the LearnToMod Minecraft server. This applies to paper and digital copies of the book.

After signing up and creating your account, you will have 2 or 3-months access to our private Minecraft servers, depending on which book you buy (but you'll need a minecraft account in order to take advantage of the server) Once your 3-months trial runs out, you will still have access to the website (, but not to the private servers. 

If after the 3 month trial period you want to continue using our minecraft server, simply buy a 1-yr subscription. Afterwards we'll email you an access key to your order email. Then login to the LearnToMod homepage as usual and in the middle of the dashboard, under the badges button, press the Account tab - then just enter your new access key into the Days of Access field.  

There's a scratch-off access key inside the cover of the physical book. E-book purchasers should go to to get their access key.