When you first go to mod.learntomod.com you should be automatically directed to http://login-thoughtstem.herokuapp.com/  Here's what to do if you don't see this screen.

Click New LearnToMod user? Create an account at the bottom of the page. Next, create a new account using any e-mail address and any password. A verification email will be sent to that email address, so be careful of typos! Go into the email account and click the verification link -- if no emails appear, check the spam folder. (Groupon buyers: see below for more info). After clicking the inside the verification email, you'll be prompted to enter an access key, Finally, you'll be directed to chose a LTM nickname. After that you can proceed to mod.learntomod.com.

After your account has been created, whenever you need to log in, do so from  http://login-thoughtstem.herokuapp.com/ 

Access keys should be used one time only, by one person only. If you're prompted to enter the access key again or see any red error messages ... 

  •  If you bought our For Dummies book, your access key is located inside the cover of the paper copy of the book. 
  • Groupon buyers: Groupon should send a confirmation with a voucher email saying: Access your Groupon voucher by visiting My Groupons or pulling up your mobile app. Download nowAfter you do that they'll give you an access key. Then you'll use the access key to sign up on mod.learntomod.com