If you're prompted to enter the access key multiple times or can't login or see error messages.....

It may just be a browser or plugin compatibility issue. Clear your cookies, update your browser, switch browsers and try switching to a different computer. If none of that works, try resetting your password by pressing the can't access account button on the login screen. Finally, contact contact@learntomod.com with screenshots or pictures of your access key and any error messages so they can investigate further. 

Not able to reset your password? or did you not receive a verification email? You may have signed up with a typoed email or are using a dummy email. 

Are you a new user? If the sign up field says that your email is already 'taken' then your account has been partially set up already! Log in at login-thoughtstem.herokuapp.com with that email and password. Or it's possible that you signed up with a typoed email address - email contact@learntomod.com with your access key so they can check. 

If you use Chrome, and you're not redirected to mod.learntomod.com after logging in...

Did you check our book out of a library or is it a secondhand copy? If so, the access key may already have been used - email contact@learntomod.com for what steps to take next.

A current user? If you bought a LearnToMod subscription online, or you were previously in a free LearnToMod class, it's possible your access has expired. We can double check that for you. To continue using the software, simply login as usual then enter a new access key.