How to Summon Your Mod Chest:

After you've been transferred to your world in Minecraft, press 9, then click -- that'll open your mod chest. Then select your mod (it'll be book-shaped and be easily identified by its badge ID number) and click/drag down it into square 1 of the bottom row. Then press esc to exit out of your mod chest. After that, you can just press 1, then click.

If you summoned the chest and it didn't appear: What to do next?

  • Are you using a clean version of Minecraft?

One possibility is that the keyboard shortcut for summoning your mod chest was set to a different number (not 9). To check, click esc to pause the game, then look in the options menu then 'controls'. On that note, if your Minecraft launcher's settings have been personally configured, that may cause connection problems with LearnToMod. You may need to uninstall it, log in to and download a fresh copy of the Minecraft launcher. 

  • So your Minecraft launcher hasn't been messed with. What next?

Remember, you can only use your mod chest in your private LearnToMod world.

Try reconnecting your Minecraft account on the Server Admin page; to get there click on the green square on the LTM homepage.

Are you an older LearnToMod user? Check the Account tab in the middle of the LearnToMod homepage and make sure the correct Minecraft username is set. (Remember, it's usually not an email. The minecraft username is the name you see whenever you join a game. "SoAndSo joined the game'. If you see specific error messages check the Server Error Messages section of the FAQ for more info. Or check this much longer general Troubleshooting Guide for more info.