Is the LearnToMod minecraft server or Vox-L to slow or failing to load, even after refreshing the badge page? Then check your Firewall.

Note: Vox-L can be laggy when you're logged into your LearnToMod world on our Minecraft server and running vox-L at the same time.

LearnToMod's IP address will be unique for each LearnToMod user, but the Minecraft port that should be in your allowed list is 25565. And check that you've added to your firewall's content filtration system as an allowed server; the Minecraft client needs to be able to authenticate, and does so at  

Furthermore, if our website is not in your firewall's whitelist, this can sometimes cause the Vox-L simulator to load too slowly and cause lag on the website overall. Make sure is allowed-- check your browser's list of allowed sites or exceptions.  

Additional Note: Windows firewalls on Windows 10 computers can sometimes interact with Vox-L in strange ways. If downloadable Vox-L app is lagging a lot, look under the security < firewall tab in your windows 10 control panel -- Vox-L app should on the list of allowed apps.