Each LearnToMod account needs a unique e-mail address. This can be tricky for teachers and students. Without parent permission, it's pretty much illegal for a student under 13 to have an e-mail account.

This is a great way for teachers to set up unique e-mail addresses for all the students in their classes. Any accounts created with it can also be confirmed:



Whoever will be creating the learntomod accounts will need gmail in order for this to work, specifically an email ending in @gmail.com

To create a LearnToMod account for a student, as usual, go to https://mod.learntomod.com and click Create an Account. Then into the sign up field, enter your gmail email account but add a +02 or other number . As an example, suppose your gmail account is learntomodz@gmail.com. You would type into the sign up field, learntomodz+02@gmail.com, enter a chosen password, and close the browser window. Next, you would check your learntomodz@gmail.com inbox for the confirmation email and click the link inside, then enter the class access key and a nickname. 

Because each student will need a unique email, the next student's account to be created, in our example, would have the login email learntomodz+03@gmail.com.