To delete mods from your mod chest:

- Log out Minecraft then redo the server admin page. You'll be given a new ip - then log back into minecraft, press play, Multiplayer, Direct Connect and then enter the new ip. When you re-enter your world, your mod chest will be clear by default.

- Or if that doesn't work, a last resort solution is to download a new world from the LearnToMod homepage. Log out of Minecraft, then choose any world located under the Available Worlds heading and follow the download instructions. Press the put on server button. Remember, you won't be able to get your old world back.

To delete the mod entirely from your LearnToMod account (you won't be able to access it again):

Go to the main Learntomod homepage then at the top of the page click Social < My profile -- There you'll see all your mods, textures and schematics. Hover your mouse over a mod and select delete on each item you want to delete.