In order to work with LearnToMod,  the Minecraft launcher must be downloaded directly from from a paid account on -- not from from anywhere else. It must be a (vanilla) Java Mojang-authenticated Minecraft launcher.

Here's how to get the version that's compatible with LearnToMod. 

Download it from 

If you already have a paid Mojang account, then sign in to

Click the store or games icon then choose Minecraft. Click the green Get Minecraft button then choose computers then Minecraft: Java edition. This will work on Windows or Mac.  Windows 10 users should choose the Java edition not Minecraft: Windows 10 edition.

At this point, you can redownload the launcher if you want by clicking "download it again". The launcher should download automatically to your usual download folder; just follow the steps on the installer. For the best experience, each LearnToMod user should have their own Minecraft account. 

If you don't already have a paid Minecraft account with Mojang you will need to buy an account first; this means clicking the green Buy Minecraft button and signing up on with an email and password. 

Once you've either downloaded the correct Minecraft launcher or have ensured you have the correct Minecraft launcher installed, next you will need to create a new 1.9 or 1.9.2 profile

Not Sure If You Have The Correct Minecraft Version Installed?

If you can create a new 1.9 or 1.9.2 profile on your Minecraft launcher, then you have the correct version.

NOTE: Only the kind of Minecraft described above will work with our software. The console edition, pocket edition or bedrock edition aren't moddable. Team Extreme or other non-authenticated clients will not work with our software. Anything downloaded from the microsoft store won't work. 

NOTE: For those who don't have Minecraft accounts, you can use the Simulator, our free built-in mod testing tool to complete the Skills and Drills and learning to code badges. Just ignore any messages telling you to connect to Minecraft in the badges.

NOTE: Teachers, we recommend having one Minecraft account per each computer in your computer lab. Be advised that each minecraft account will have its own unique login email. If you're planning to buy multiple minecraft accounts and need help coming up with dummy login emails, read this.