When you download Minecraft from minecraft.net you may need to change your Minecraft profile to version 1.9.2. Log in as usual then follow these steps:

1. Click on "Installations" then click on the "new" button.

2. Go with the defaults for the other two fields; auto x auto resolution or leave them blank 

3. Name your profile "1.9.2" and select "release 1.9.2" from the Version drop-down menu and hit "Create".

4. Mouse hover over 1.9.2 and click the green play button.

Note: Any newer version higher than 1.9.2 or The Latest Version are Not currently compatible. Our servers will get there eventually!

Afterwards, go to the server admin page and try connecting: http://mod.learntomod.com/server_instances/current There will be a Steve tutorial video that will show you how to connect.

Note: If using an older than 1.11 minecraft launcher, here's how to change versions. Press the New Profile button near the Play button, name your profile and select "release 1.9.2" from the dropdown menu. Then press save. 

If these instructions don't match what you see on your Minecraft launcher, then most likely you have an incompatible version. Here's how to get a compatible version of Minecraft: