Your LearnToMod Minecraft server world can use about 1 GB of RAM. There's not necessarily any restriction on storage space, but if the world gets too big, it will take a long time to load your server world after you log on; the more mods and structures and data associated with your world, the extra time it will take for our server to fetch your world.  100 megabytes took about 15 seconds, on our old server.

A Note About Our Energy Saving Features:

After about 10 minutes of inactivity in your Minecraft world, you'll need to press the start server button again and get a new IP. But try not to stay in your server world for more than 3 hours at a time either, or leave it on when you're away from your computer, otherwise you may run the risk of going over your monthly 100-hr Minecraft server hour limit - that time will reset each month. If you go over the limit, please contact us at

We don't allow 3rd party plugins at this time.

NOTE for Teachers: 

Approximately 100 to 200 KB/second for each user. There should be about 25-50MB of data transfer for each user, for each day you have a class.  So if you have class size of 10, and you have class 4 times in a month, you'll probably want 1 to 2 GB per month of data transfer.

* These numbers can vary hugely on what you are doing on the server, and how long you're using the server.