If a texture you made in LearnToMod's texture editor isn't loading to your world on LearnToMod's minecraft server, consider the following::

  • Always make sure to Commit Change after editing an image in LearnToMod's texture editor and make sure to press Deploy at the top of the page. Forgot to press it the first time? It's easy to fix. Select your texture on the textures page and mouse hover over it -- then click the edit button.  Then, press the grey Deploy button at the top of the next page. 

Here's an example of how to do this in Blockly.

  • The /js script that is generated on the view textures page is very long! It includes js code, the website URL, your LTM nickname, the title of your texture and the file extension. Unfortunately, there's a limit to how much command text can be run in the chatarea in Minecraft at one time. So if your LearnToMod nickname is too long, this will cut off the /js script command when running the command in Minecraft. Try keeping the combined result of your LearnToMod nickname and the texture title under 14 characters. Less if you need to make use the ?=vol13 solution. 
    • To get around this: change your nickname by emailing contact@learntomod.com. If necessary, rename your texture by going here, mouse hovering over the texture and selecting rename.