Requirements For Using the LearnToMod Website

Any desktop or laptop computer with an internet connection should be able to run the LearnToMod software. Because LearnToMod is a browser-based software, all you need to have installed is your favorite browser, but it has to be the most up-to-date version of that browser. (The vox-l simulator and the LearnToMod texture editor usually works best in Firefox and Chrome.)  It runs on any kind of major operating system, including Windows and Mac iOS. Linux: limited functionality. Popup blockers, privacy apps and privacy plugins may impede site performance, especially when logging in or creating your account. Also, make sure your Java is up-to-date.

Requirements For Using LearnToMod With Minecraft

The oldest version of Minecraft that LearnToMod is compatible with: vanilla Minecraft version 1.9. The newest is 1.9.2  -- A clean copy of Minecraft is recommended. 

Here's how to download the only compatible version of Minecraft.

LearnToMod software will only run on desktop computers or laptops. Unfortunately, LearnToMod is NOT currently compatible with tablets, iPads or smart phones, or PlayStation Minecraft  --  Those devices may not display the software correctly and they run Minecraft Pocket Edition, which is a version of Minecraft that LearnToMod is not yet compatible with We hope to make LearnToMod compatible with these devices in the future though! Stay tuned! 

It's now possible to use LearnToMod with a Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 or other models. Here's a blog post about how to do so: Note that you'll still need to use it in conjunction with regular vanilla Minecraft from

Windows 10 users: The Microsoft store offers a Minecraft Pocket Edition that's not moddable, though if you download the correct Minecraft launcher from it should work on Windows 10; On click the store icon and under the Desktops heading choose only 'Windows' or 'Mac'. The LearnToMod software (the badges, the Simulator and coding area etc) will work on Windows 10 regardless. 

Linux users: The vox-L badge tutorials can be completed in Ubuntu 18.04, using Firefox. To access Minecraft version 1.9.2, you may need to download Java 8. 

The Minecraft that runs on Chromebooks is not compatible with LearnToMod, but the vox-l engine, our new simulator, should work on newer models of Chromebooks but the specific models numbers or brands of Chromebooks that are compatible is unknown. You won't be able to use LearnToMod with Minecraft on a Chromebook. 

If you have MinecraftEdu or Minecraft Education, that version of Minecraft will not work with LearnToMod: More on this.

It's not compatible with Forge. In general, we don't allow third party plugins.

What Kind of Minecraft IS compatible with LearnToMod?

  • LearnToMod is currently only compatible with regular, vanilla Desktop / Laptop Minecraft from
  • LearnToMod users will have access to our Minecraft server; but to take advantage of it, users will need to have access to or sign up for a paid Minecraft account unless they already have a Minecraft account with Mojang. (NOTE: the free demo version won't work with LearnToMod)
  • Already have a Mojang account? Great! Sign in to and download the Desktop / Laptop For Windows or For Mac Minecraft launcher. 
  • Are you using a Minecraft launcher with settings that have been personally configured? They may not work with our software. Uninstall the launcher, delete your Minecraft folder, and download a fresh launcher from
  • For those who don't have Minecraft, you can use the vox-L simulator, our free built-in mod testing tool.