The Build Your Own Badges feature, our custom badge sequences feature,  is a great tool for teachers. 


Check out the video if you haven't already:

The easiest way for teachers to share badge sequences with students or other teachers is e-mailing them the URL (as shown in the video, ~21:45). 

The feature has been updated a few times since the video was made -- clicking the Build Your Own Badges feature will take you first to the badge sequence index, where you organize badges you've made in order to get to the badge builder tool and create your first badge, click the link in the blue box at the top of the page. Then press the yellow square to get started.


NEW: Our free online edX course allows teachers to share lesson plans and custom badges with each other! For more on this, look under the week 6 heading after signing up for the course. 

What's the fastest way to build a badge?

1) Build and save your correct answer first

2) Once saved, click edit on the correct answer, and highlight/copy the <xml> code in the widget's text area with Ctrl+C

3) Create any number of prompt/figure widgets, click edit on them, and paste the <xml> code into the prompt/figure widget's textarea, and click save.

4) Now all you have to do is edit each figure, and remove the parts of the correct answer that don't belong in the prompts/figures.