Here's a brief guide to managing your LearnToMod World on Minecraft. 

The Manage Worlds page is meant to be a back up copy of all your LearnToMod worlds on Minecraft in case our server experiences data loss. It's an archived history of worlds you've previously downloaded or made changes to. For that reason, you can't delete any worlds on your Manage Worlds page. The title of the world will be the name of the world you downloaded. 

Any changes you make to your current world will result in a new automatically saved copy of the world to your Manage Worlds page. This means, if you add a schematic or mod or structure to it or if you change a texture in your world in the LearnToMod texture editor.  (Homepage < My stuff < scroll down and select Manage Worlds) You can mouse hover and 'see inside' then  press publish at the top of the page.  

It's not currently possible for LearnToMod users to create worlds or realms from scratch, but you can download a world and edit the textures of the blocks in it in our Texture Editor. You can also add structures and mods to it or break blocks! When the world is to your liking, you can then publish it.

Making Your World Public

On the 'Manage Worlds' page, mouse hover over a world and 'see inside' which will take you to the world's profile page. At of the page you'll see: This is an unpublished world. Others cannot find this page unless they are given a link. (Edit) Press edit then you'll taken to another page: Click 'make world viewable to the public'. You can add a picture or description, if you like!

Now other LearnToMod users will be able to search for the world here and use it. (What's Hot < Search Worlds)

Exporting a Zipped File Copy of Your World

If you want to create a copy of your LearnToMod World on Minecraft so you can use it on a different Minecraft server, there is a new tool that creates a backup zip file. It's still in beta. From the Manage Worlds page, select the world you want, then scroll down to the bottom of the world's profile page and press the Generate Zip Backup button.

Importing a World

From the Manage Worlds page, you can also upload a world if it's a zipped file - it's located here. This is a new feature! Please note that some worlds especially adventure mode worlds will not work on LearnToMod. If it fails or load, or you see an error, then simply download a preselected curated LearnToMod world to fix it. To reset your world, Read on. 

More Cool Tools

On your Server page, you'll be able to control certain aspects of your minecraft world: the weather, running commands and seeing the world's map. These features work in tandem with your minecraft launcher -- you will need to be logged in to your launcher and connected to our minecraft server in order to use them. If those features don't appear to load, refreshing the browser page may fix it. Third party plugins and security apps can also prevent these features from working. To make them work in Chrome, click the lock next to the url and select allow.