( First of all, you can learn how to take screenshots herehttp://www.take-a-screenshot.org/ )

( To take screenshots in Minecraft, follow these instructions: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Screenshots )


The server has been majorly rehauled! Now, you'll need to complete the Sever Admin page instead of the Minecraft connect badge, each time you want to use our Minecraft servers.

To get there, click the green square on the LearnToMod homepage:http://mod.learntomod.com/server_instances/current

There's a tutorial Steve button on this page, that should show you a video. To summarize, press the start server button and then you'll be given a temporary IP. Next, create a new 1.9.2 profile on your Minecraft launcher: here's how.

Then, log into the Minecraft, select play, multiplayer then direct connect and enter the IP.

After you're in your world, you can press the mod button and mods should load.

A Note About Our Energy Saving Features:

after about 10 minutes of inactivity in your Minecraft world, you'll need to press the start server button again and get a new IP. But don't stay in your server world for more than 3 hours per day, otherwise you may run the risk of going over your monthly 100-hr minecraft server hour limit - that time will reset each month. If you go over the limit, please contact us.

Every time you log into your world, your mod chest will be cleared - this will help prevent bugs!


The only kind of Minecraft compatible LearnToMod is a paid vanilla Minecraft account from minecraft.net - NOT the Pocket Edition or PlayStation Minecraft. If your Minecraft launcher doesn't match what you see in the video then you probably have an incompatible version of Minecraft! Remember, if you don't have Minecraft, that's okay. You can complete most badges by using the Simulator; just ignore the 'get connected' message on the first badges.


Problematic mods can also prevent you from accessing your server. Watch out for 


  •  All blocks should be placed inside functions
  • Mods should always have ONE function with the title of main (right click to edit the title of a function block). main should be lowercase.
  • Start with small numerical values or variables
  • Avoid endlessly looping mods; don’t let your loop blocks repeat a million times and be careful with your conditional statements
  •  Be careful when downloading public mods that aren't in the curated mods section - they may be problematic and loop endlessly, causing you to get kicked off your server world. Either fix the mod or delete it. 
  • Do NOT create singleplayer mods on LearnToMod ; that option is currently not compatible with our servers and will cause connection problems for you. Delete any mods like this.


If you're unable to use commands or aren't able to connect ... make sure your Minecraft username is set.


If the problem persists, go back to the Server Admin page page. Log out of Minecraft. If the green square is blank, press the Start Server button again and wait (up to 7 min) until you're given a new IP. Try logging in with that.


One way the new server connection process differs from the old server hub is the energy saving features; whenever you're ever inactive in Minecraft for more than 10 minutes, then you'll get kicked - (note: you don't need to worry about losing world data!). If that happens just log out Minecraft, press the Start Server button again and get another IP address.


  • Don't forget to copy and paste the new IP into the IP server address field, to prevent typos.
  • Don't forget to watch the tutorial video on your server page closely. If your Minecraft launcher looks different than the one in the video, you  may have an incompatible version of Minecraft - the only compatible version is regular vanilla Minecraft from minecraft.net (the demo version won't work)
  • Did you: select multiplayer then Direct Connect?


If the green server status square continues to load forever, try exiting the browser tab or your browser. Then try again. Then try updating your browser to the latest version or switching to a different browser. 


If you see an error message that your Minecraft is outdated, please follow instructions above for changing your Minecraft version.

If your World Map doesn't appear to load, type "dynmap fullrender world" in the command tile or "/dynmap fullrender world" in the game.

Downloading a new world can help clear out bugs if none of the above solutions work. If you loaded a world not available on the page I just linked to, then that may be causing the problem. In that case, the solution is to download a new world.

At this point, if you still can't connect to the server, the first step is to gather information. The best way to do this is to take a closer look at the error messages you see when Minecraft fails, and when appropriate, take a screenshot and send it to customer support (contact@learntomod.com).

Specific Error Messages:

- Connection Timed Out: No Further Information

- Cannot Fetch World From Storage. Log Out And Try Again

- Failed to login: The Authentication Are Currently Down For Maintenance

- Failed to Log In: Invalid Session

- I'm Not In a Class, But The LTM Minecraft Server Says I Am. What Gives?

- The Connection was Forcibly Closed

Other common causes for server problems:

- Are you using an old Minecraft account (with Minecraft settings that have been personally configured?) If so, try switching them back to the default settings; they may be incompatible with LearnToMod. 

- Make sure your computer's Java settings are enabled, and that your antivirus or firewall settings aren't interfering. If you're unable to connect to other Minecraft servers, your Firewall or antivirus my be the culprit. Here's some information about LearnToMod and firewalls.


-  Make sure your server access button is switched to 'on'. Remember to switch it off when done or the clock may keep ticking.

- The server access button will only allow each student access to a private world; there's no giant class server setup, though each LearnToMod user can invite up to 4 Minecraft users to visit their world

- Unless you requested more hours, each class will have only 2 hours of Minecraft server access a day. 

- Are you trying to connect to LearnToMod using MinecraftEdu?

- If the entire class is having trouble connecting, send support screenshots of what you see in Minecraft when it fails and let us know if you're able to connect to other Minecraft servers. 

- If it's only individual students that are having trouble connecting, please send support their LearnToMod nicknames and Minecraft screenshots so we can look into their accounts (or tell them to email us).