The process of renewing your subscription is now more streamlined!

1-yr LearnToMod subscriptions purchased from this page on will now automatically renew - no further steps needed! (Here's some more info about automatic billing policy and how to opt out.)

However, subscriptions acquired elsewhere will not automatically renew. If you have one of those LearnToMod accounts, here's what to do next:

Whenever you purchase a new LearnToMod access key, the new access key will be sent to the email you ordered with. Simply login as usual and, when prompted on the login screen, enter the new access key. If you're not prompted to enter a new access key, login as usual then click the Account gear icon in the middle of the LearnToMod homepage. Then 'add time' and enter the new key

Note: As a reminder, access keys and accounts are designed to be single-use

Note 2: If prompted to enter a new access key on the login screen when your account ISN'T close to expired yet, then it's probably a browser incompatibility issue.