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Server Access Issues

Hi, I just bought a year pass to LearnToMod and am excited to take it for a spin.  I hope to use this for my kids to get exposure to coding.

I also hope to use it for my kids (and their friends) to play in a minecraft server, but I see that there are 2 factors that make this type of usage impractical.

1. Server IP Changes on restart

2. Server auto stops after 10 minutes of activity

Is there anyway to remove these two obstacles?  I would like to give my kids (and their friends) one set of connection instructions and let them connect anytime.

Even if IPs remain dynamic, you could run internal DNS that points the names to the newly generated IPs. ie ->

I see why you shut the servers down, it's a cost cutting move, perhaps we could pay more for no down time?  Maybe look into LXC/LXD containers to increase server density?  (I'm brainstorming!)

Thanks for your suggestions! I'll forward them to our Development team. For now, we usually recommend just pressing the start server button every 15 minutes or so and getting a new ip. Sometime in the future, we're going to be working on a system with static ips, for teacher and student use.  

This may not address the points you brought up exactly, but just in case you haven't read them:

Hey Jim,

This is Jeron one of the developers at LearnToMod. Thanks for your feedback and brainstorming.

It sounds like you are looking for a hosting solution where you can leave the server on and have people joining, etc... when you aren't online.  As you've found, our current model discourages this sort of usage because of cost.  But really cost is just a downstream problem to this one:

It's difficult to offer competitive pricing on a static, always on server using a cloud computer system where you pay a little extra for the ability to spin up new servers on a whim.

However, we do have some good value added on top of the servers like world/mod/schematic/resource management to where it may be worth it for you and other customers to pay extra per year for static ip and/or constantly on server.  

We currently have the ability to give out static IP addresses for our servers.  We have done it for a few cases where schools need to have them to allow traffic through their strict security on them.   We currently aren't using those servers, so we can jack one of them for you.  The problem is just that we haven't really done QA or market research for end users like yourself, so consider this proposition:

-We set you up with a static ip server at no cost.

-You test it against your needs, and continue to give us your feedback on improvements.

-We make product enhancements for some or all your suggestions.

-We talk about what you think a fair price would be for the new product type, and compare that with the extra cost of using the cloud system in this way to see if this might be a reasonable product offering.

Let me know what you think, and I can switch one of those static ip servers to your account. It would take me about 15 or so minutes to switch it, so let me know a time where you guys will not be on the server if you are interested.

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