The answer is yes! We are offering the software for free to educators, profit and non-profits, to use with their students. We also offer it free to libraries and educational organizations like coding clubs. 

With a teacher account, you'll be able to grant your students access to create their own LearnToMod accounts. Until the class ends they'll have unlimited free access to LearnToMod and a few hours of access per day to our Minecraft server. You can choose to use LearnToMod with paid Minecraft accounts (in order to take advantage of our Minecraft server) or you can use the Simulator, our free built-in mod testing tool. After students sign up, you can add them to your class and monitor their progress. 

How to get set up with a teacher account (the process will be done through email):

1. E-mail us at and we'll send you some introductory info and a few questions; we'll need to know about your max estimated class size, how many classes you'll be holding simultaneously, how many hours each class runs,  and your name and your organization's address.

2. Reply back with the answers to those questions, then we'll give you a regular LearnToMod account that you can test in your classroom. 

3. When you've signed up and tested the software to your satisfaction, let us know to upgrade your account to a teacher account.