LTM users with free student accounts will only be able to access their LTM world on Minecraft, 2 hours a day, unless the teacher requested more hours. 


The way it works is that teachers have a server access button that must be manually switched to 'on' before students can access their world. The clock will start then, and will stop when the button is switched to 'off.' Server access may or may not only be 'turned on' during class time; it's up to teachers.


If you'd like unlimited access to our Minecraft servers, you can always buy a 1-yr subscription. Your badge progress will be automatically saved and transferred to your new account when you enter the new access key. 


After purchase:

  • Log in as usual then enter the new access key when prompted.
  • Your teacher may ask you to change your LTM login email so they can recycle the account; change your email by sending a request to
  • Notify your teacher. You may need to be re-added to the class.
  • LTM is only compatible with regular vanilla minecraft: You can download it from keep in mind the free demo version is not compatible.