LearnToMod now requires e-mail address confirmation as part of the sign up process. 

When any LearnToMod user signs up and creates a LearnToMod account, a code or verification link will be sent to the user's LTM login email (This will be the email entered into the 'Create Account' field on our login siteTo finish creating the account, simply follow the instructions in that verification email.

  • The email used should unique for each user. 
  • Either teacher or student should have access to the email account. 
  • Or use the methods described below:

The easiest solution for teachers:
Consider making "sub-emails" or address aliases for an email account you have access to. For example, if you own a G-mail account called student@thoughtstem.com, then you can make an infinite number of sub-emails: student+ltmaccount001@thoughtstem.com, student+ltmaccount002@thoughtstem.com, etc. In other words, any e-mail address of the form student+insertanytexthere@thoughtstem.com. After setting up your alias or sub account there's no additional setup necessary in order to received e-mails to these sub-email addresses. G-mail will receive e-mails sent to these addresses automatically. (There are other e-mail clients who use subemails in this way, so if you don't use G-mail, test this out with your e-mail client to see if it works!) Using this method, you can make infinite LearnToMod accounts for students, and the confirmation emails will automatically be sent to you, the teacher, to confirm.

Another option if you prefer to use parent e-mail addresses:
Ask the parents to create their students' LearnToMod account at home before class. There's always a chance that the parents could experience technical difficulties at home, so I would recommend having some backup student accounts ready to go! Parents can sign up and create the LearnToMod account for their child using their email address, confirm their e-mail, and even enter the class key if you send it to them. When you use a parent e-mail though, you have less control as a teacher when it comes to password resets and knowing what your students' account credentials are. So the sub-email method is definitely preferred.

The Least Recommended Option:

Some teachers that see a lot of new students each week like to set up email accounts and reuse them - to do that, email contact@learntomod.com with a list of each account's LearnToMod nickname, so they can look up their accounts and wipe the account data. Expect a wait time of 1-2 business days. (Note: students won't be able to 'take home' their badge progress if you reuse their account).