One of the unforeseen results of updating our servers to a newer version of our Minecraft you may have noticed: slower moving drones. Drones are a mechanism responsible for building structures in Minecraft. 

While this can be useful for learning how the drone moves, it's easier to see where it stops and starts -- it can be problematic when playing minigames! 

For super fast speed, use the library Mr_Sonny-fastStructure

For somewhat faster speed, put in a JS block: Drone.opsPerSec=1000

NEW: There's now a new library that integrates with data types! (blocks that have different options: colored wool, stained glass, etc.).

It is called: Mr_Sonny-fastStructure2

And here is an example of a solid cube of orange wool (byte date is 1). For other colors of wool see this page:

Inline image 1