There are a couple ways to do this. 

Running a multiplayer mod (not a minigame):

Are you the hosting player or the visiting player, is the question -- If you invite another Minecraft user to your LearnToMod world on Minecraft, you are the hosting player and the other player is the visiting player. 

Here's the easiest way for the hosting player (who controls the server world) to their share mods with other players visiting their world -- the hosting player must add the mod to their mod chest then drop the mod book on the ground. Then the other player can walk over the dropped mod book -- that will add it to their mod chest, and they'll be able to run it.

The easiest way for visiting players to share their mods with their host is for the visiting player to make their mod public. To make a mod public, go to then search for the mod then mouse hover over it and select 'view'. Then any LearnToMod user will be able to search for the mod on the public mods page by its title! The hosting player must then click the What's Hot tab in the middle of the LearnToMod homepage then scroll down to the mods section to get the public mods page. They'll be able to search for the mod by name or title.

To go into more detail:

1. The visiting player should tell the hosting player where to find their mod by sharing the program_profile link or the title of the mod (the url to view the program, which should be something like '<id>') For example, here is the program profile page for 'punish commands'. Or they can search for the mod by title by going to What's Hot < Mods < search for Mods.

2. The hosting player should click the </c> edit button, located on the program profile page, which will copy said mod to their mod chest.

3. The hosting player will click the mod button to deploy to server.

4. The hosting player should see the text "mod loaded ..." in Minecraft.

5. The hosting player should then give the mod book (freshly loaded in the chest) to those on the server wanting to run it

Updating Your Mod Code

Want to make your mods playable for a non-LearnToMod visitor to your server world? Just update your mod code a little. Replace any 'me' blocks in your mod code, because "me" references the server owner (user b), not server joiner (user a).  Use either "player_named" block (located under the Minecraft/Vox-l < Player tab) and attach a green text block -- in the text block type the player's minecraft username. This block is not available in vox-l yet, so another option is to use a blank js block (located under the Misc tab) and type player(minecraftusername); Replace minecraftusername with the player's real minecraft username.

Running a multiplayer minigame:

In a similar way you can search for ' minigames ' on the public mods page! Click the </c> edit button on the minigame you want to try. It will then appear in your mod chest and a copy of the code will appear on The hosting player should copy the game to their mod chest then let others visit their world - the other players shouldn't need to add it to their mod chest.

Notes: Remember to click the </c> edit button or mod button only after you've been successfully transferred to your private world on Minecraft, otherwise the mod won't appear in your mod chest. This is because each time you enter log out of your Minecraft world, you mod chest will automatically be cleared. You'll know when you've been successfully transferred to your private world on Minecraft because you'll be able to summon your mod chest! 

The mod will not remain in your mod chest after you log out of Minecraft, but it will remain on the page. Clicking the mod button on the programs page will re-add it to the chest.