Our software should auto detect and auto save your Minecraft username when you first use our Minecraft server. But if you're unable to use commands, or can't connect to our server or mods aren't loading into your mod chest or you couldn't switch to a different already existing Minecraft username, it may be that LearnToMod didn't save your Minecraft username for some reason. This is easy to fix!

Go to the homepage (https://mod.learntomod.com/), and click the Account Gear icon:

And set your Minecraft username to whatever you plan to use to login to Minecraft by pressing the blue change button:

The spelling, spaces, capitalization and everything should match the username you see on your Minecraft launcher here exactly! 

Even if it does look correct, it won't hurt to press the blue change button and re-enter your Minecraft username on the LearnToMod website.

Finally, shut down your server (press the Force  Shutdown button the Server Admin page), then press the Start Server button.

If that didn't solve it, try typing  /op (yourminecraft username) into the chat area after being transferred to your minecraft world. Just replace (yourminecraft username) with your real minecraft username.