Here's a brief video that introduces the LTM Forum. Anyone with a LearnToMod account also has access to the Forum. Your Forum nickname will be your LTM nickname (the last part of the Sign Up process is choosing a LTM nickname).

Here are some rules and guidelines that new Forum users should read.

The LearnToMod Forum can be reached by clicking Social < Forum on the topmost navigation bar on the LearnToMod homepage. It's a great way discuss coding mods with other LTM users! The discussions here are meant to enlighten students, teachers, and the LearnToMod staff about coding help, new feature releases and suggestions about LearnToMod. Any posts that have nothing to do with the above, or the "categories" offered will mostly likely be considered off-topic.

By clicking the 3-line Hamburger button in the corner, you can:

  • View all the current categories or forum boards 
  • When posting or commenting, you can upload images, quote others, or invite certain LTM users by name to join your discussion. 
  • Actions you can take on a topic's comments include: bookmarking, hearting, flagging (other comments). 
  • To delete comments or posts you make, press ... then the trash icon.  

Clicking on your picture icon in the upper right corner will bring up a popup.

By clicking your icon image, you can:

  • View your bookmarks 
  • Keep track of new comments on topics that you're following
  • View your Forum user profile page
  • Toggle the setting and preferences page by clicking the gear icon

On the settings and preferences page, you can:

  • Change your icon and background images
  • Edit your personal info on the Forum
  • Manage your notification settings
  • Track certain Forum categories or topics 
  • Mute certain Forum categories or LTM users (I would suggest muting the Published Stuff and User Activity feed) 

Trust Levels:

All new users start out in a sandbox with restrictions for everyone's safety. Trust level 0 (new) users cannot …

  • Post more than 2 hyperlinks
  • Post any images or file attachments
  • Send private messages
  • Flag posts or topics
  • Have actual links in the "about me" field of their profile
  • @name mention more than 2 users in a post

Moving up to a Trust 1 level can be done in 15 minutes by:

  • Entering at least 5 topics
  • Reading at least 30 posts
  • Spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts
Trust 1 level users can:
  • Upload images and attachments if enabled
  • Edit wiki posts
  • send private messages