Quests are a new LearnToMod feature. Quests can help introduce new LTM users to parts of the LearnToMod website they may not have tried before. It's a way to challenge yourself with advanced level badges, and learn new coding skills! Best of all, by completing Quests, you'll earn Diamonds which can be cashed in at our Artifacts store. 

The Quests button is located in the upper left corner of most LearnToMod pages - it's wheel shaped. If you have trouble unlocking a Quest badge, email or try updating then switching to a different browser. These are meant to be somewhat challenging, remember, so if you have trouble with a badge, try going back to the 'Skills and Drills' badges and beef up on your coding fundamentals. 

Here's a video on how Quests work.

In the Artifacts store are items meant to enhance your Vox-L world experience: buy adorable virtual pets, a Minas Tirith world, an awesome multiplayer addition that lets you play with other LearnToMod users. and more. There's also a downloadable version of Vox-L.  Note that these items can only be used in Vox-L. 

The artifacts shop is located on the LearnToMod homepage. Click the Quests tab, then from the drop-down menu select Artifacts. You may need to click to remove the purple ' recommended'  filter tab in order to see all the available store offerings. 

Here's a video about the Artifacts store.